At Your Very Best, You Are Still The F@cking Worst

It is time for a some plain-speak in the midst of all of this amateur D.C. double-talk from the Trump team.  Let’s just deal with the obvious because deep analysis isn’t needed in this moment.  The Trump Administration no longer holds its daily press briefings on camera because both White House Press Secretaries – Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders- lie so much and contradict so many direct statements from the White House that they are hoping that the lack of a visual record will help them get away with it.  This is embarrassing incompetence and we should be ashamed that we fallen this far this fast.  The Obama Administration was class personified and the Trump Administration is a political peep-show with disgusting, sticky floors.


But as bad as the lying is, the corruption it is trying to cover up is even worse.  It is one thing to be a bunch of goddamned liars but it is another thing to betray your country. Let’s boil this down:  Donald Trump Jr. met with a team of Russians that have connections to the Kremlin after his father locked up the nomination.  He has lied over and over again about what happened at the meeting and why he was there.  But if we take him at face value, he is an Ivy League educated dumb-ass who was too stupid to know how wildly inappropriate it was to take this meeting.  He was also too committed to serving his father to know that he was betraying his country.  Which still doubles us back to his stupidity and weak character- two characteristics that mean he should never be anywhere near our governance.


Then we have to consider the boy-wonder Jared Kushner who is the son of a man who spent years in a federal penitentiary because he had convinced himself that the rules did not apply to him.  This should sound very familiar as Jared has never had a real job in his prissy boy, manicured life yet he sits at the head of everything in the Trump Administration because he is married to the beloved and sainted Ivanka Trump.  Jared was at that meeting as well and lied his narrow ass off about it- just like he lied on his security clearance forms about all of the foreign contacts that he had had in the years leading up to his application.  So while Jared is not as dumb as Donald Trump, Jr., he isn’t anywhere close to being as smart as he has been advertised to be.  Another Ivy League educated asshole with absolutely no real world knowledge or street sense.

Image: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the USA Thank You Tour event at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center in West Allis, Wisconsin

So Trump promised during the campaign that he would have the best people, the most capable people, the biggest brains, biggest balls and the biggest hearts that D.C. has ever seen.  He was going to “drain the swamp.”  All of that sounded very cute and alot of people bought it- obviously.  But what we can prove is that this is an Administration built on lying and even if we take their version of the facts regarding the Russian connections, it still means they don’t understand our world and our nation and are the absolute worst stewards of American ideals that we have had in the White House since the Reconstruction Era.  That is not a dramatic expression but a provable fact.


So you G.O.P. devotees keep jerking yourself to Rush Limbaugh every afternoon and ignore what the rest of the world can see clearly:  By every objective measure and taking these people at face value, The Trump inner-circle and the Trump Administration are a raging dumpster fire and the whole nation is getting burned.

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