Quickie & Coffee – You Gotta Have Faith

Not really.  You actually don’t “GOTTA” have faith.  You can choose to be a faithless person- believing in nothing beyond that which can be empirically proven or factually supported.  You are certainly entitled to restrict your worldview to carve out the emotions that power our humanity in so many ways.  And you may have to do exactly that to maintain consistency in your position.  It has to be damned hard to be a faithless person and still acknowledge the human soul in the same stream of consciousness.

But my encouragement to you is not to work so hard to quantify the unquantifiable.  Human beings are often powered by a force that we cannot see or fully understand. Some of us feel connected to each other in this life- and even beyond this life- by bonds so powerful that we would willingly pass from this life in order to preserve them.  We cannot explain that love- no more than we can really explain the power that continues to turn this big blue bubble we are riding on or keep the sun in place.  For every question we can answer, there are 100 more that we cannot.  And if we try too hard  we may start to fabricate answers to satisfy our need to know- our need to support a faith we want so desperately to hold without ever feeling it slipping away.

The antidote to that is to always remember that


It’s ok if you don’t have faith.  Nobody can judge that position.  Just be careful that your lack of faith in a meaning to our shared experience is not based on the fact that there are questions that we cannot answer.  Please don’t do that to yourself.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you tomorrow  π 

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