Sunday Souffle’ with Dana Lena’

Sunday is my favorite day of the week! It is a day of rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. Growing up, Sunday was “church day”. My grand daddy was a preacher, my grand mother was a Sunday School teacher, and because my mother was raised in church, I was raised in church and it was a BIG DEAL!

I was always excited about the coming of Sunday! Unlike D.V.H.,  I was not “made” to go to church, I wanted to go! I loved going. My hair was pressed the night before, my pretty dress was hung outside of my closet door and my baby doll socks were neatly tucked into my shiny black patent leather shoes. I remember doing the “cute sleep” as to not mess up my hair!

As we marched into the sanctuary, (I was raised Baptist and Baptist folk don’t walk in they announce in), the usher escorted us to our seats. The environment was electric. The choir belting out those songs “Nothing but the Blood, “Jesus be a Fence, Oh Happy Day”, those songs  made you forget your worries and gave you the courage to face your tomorrow.  All eyes were on the Preacher. When he took the mic, his preaching was almost always ALL ABOUT JESUS and even if you did not know what the hell he was saying between the all the “whooping”, you knew that. You also knew to make your way to the altar for all the stuff you did the night before and all the stuff you were going to do tomorrow! Lord, help us.

However you walked in, you walked out, lighter and a little happier…even if it only lasted a moment. I miss the simplicity of church. I miss the days when it was truly about getting closer to truth and a sincere desire to get closer to God and get a little closer to your “right” whatever that meant for you.

Now, we are bombarded with mega facilities, impersonal mega messages and mega messes. I am more inclined now, to sort out my own mess in the comfort of my own home. My altar is the quiet place in my heart and I allow myself to be led from the inside out as opposed from the outside in. What I have come to know is this, the answers we need are inside of us. Truth rings loudly and clearly. Our inner compass tells us what is going on and tells us what we need to do about what is going on and real guidance and inspiration lasts longer than “a moment”. Sensationalism is not Spirituality. Spirituality is not Religion. Religion is not Relationship.

Discomfort will usher us to adjustment, sadness with usher us into evaluation, pain pushes us into purpose and discord forces us to see what we need to see and then and only then do we garner the courage to become who we need to be and who we need to become. And then something magical begins to happen….we start experiencing freedom.

We do not have to go to any building for that. We are that building…we are that place.



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