BILL MAHER, HOUSE N****R, FOR PRESIDENT! (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

I have a message for all of those who were screaming for Bill Maher’s ouster from HBO because he referred to himself as a “house nigger” on a live broadcast last month.  My message is SHUT THE F*CK UP!  Bill Maher wrote a check for a million dollars to Barack’s campaign.  So unless you dropped down a million dollars to support the most important candidate in the most important campaign in recent history then I don’t give a damn about your hurt feelings that he told a joke that you found offensive.  Bill Maher attacks and savages conservatives weekly like nobody else while other fools are struggling to find their voice.  Turning against him is stupid and weak and it explains a lot about why the political left has such a hard time solving real problems and making real progress.

This is the defining difference between potent progressives and limp d*ck liberals.  Potent progressives know who our friends are and we fight like hell to protect them for the larger cause.  Punk ass limp d*ck liberals go running to the cameras and to Twitter to cry and complain like bitches every time somebody says something that hurts their little feelings.  Bill Maher is a damned comedian.  I don’t care how long he has had a show or how deeply engaged he is in politics, he is still a comic.  And comics say shit that is sometimes inflammatory and inappropriate.

News flash assholes:  comedy is SUPPOSED to be inflammatory and inappropriate!  

This picture below is inflammatory and highly inappropriate but I love it because it makes the point forcefully that needs to be made about right wing media and Donald Trump- a point that Bill Maher makes in a way that his detractors can’t get across no matter how much they bitch, moan and Tweet.


So to the activists from Black Lives Matter, the moth-balls civil rights establishment, and media lynch mob, GO F*CK YOURSELVES.  We have Donald Trump in the White House which is the greatest threat to black folks since President Johnson pulled the Union troops out of the south after the Civil War.  I bullshit you not.  Look it up and read about what the hell is going on right now before you get your panties up your ass over an off-handed remark by a guy who has actually put his money where his mouth is about issues you claim to care so deeply about.

Check the man’s record in its entirety.  And dig the fact that the premature pontification from left-wingers on this political correctness bullshit has cost us a lot more than it has paid us over the last few decades.  It’s real.  Progressives need to pull liberals into a back room and smack them around for a while until they knock this self-destructive bullshit off once and for all.  Focusing on this foolishness in the midst of Trump’s total meltdown on the world stage indicates that liberals don’t need to be in charge of anything important because they keep focusing on hurt feelings rather than on taking care of business.  As a hard core progressive, I have had it with this bullshit.  I say run Bill Maher for President in 2020 and let him take on the bad guys with the nuts and guts and brains and balls that his detractors so sorely lack.

If HBO had cancelled Bill Maher’s show behind this bullshit, I firmly believe their shit would have collapsed overnight.  I am one subscriber they most definitely would have lost.  Bill Maher is my boy.  The Progressive Pugilist is in FULL support of his brand of comedy and commentary.  Anybody who is not can kiss my ass like Sean Hannity up there.  Enough is enough.  We’ve got to toughen up.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow  π

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