DOWN WITH THE “KING” (Warning: Contains Strong Language)

Watching how Donald Trump has managed the awesome powers of the American Presidency has reminded me of how much I have always hated the concept of a king. Even when I was a little kid listening to Bible stories that were supposed to inspire me to revere the God that made us all, I was always quizzacle about the idea that God made some small number of men to rule with absolute power over others.  Yet, he made us all equally and loved us all and demanded that we love Him.  Worse still, because the king was endowed by bloodline, his individual merit or worth could be absolute zero.  He could be no more suited to lead and direct men than a toddling child- but he’s the king and wielding all of the power of the throne.  That did not sit well with me as a youngster and now it has upgraded to one of my greatest sources of consternation with my fellow man.  Why do we all NOT see how foul and ridiculous the entire enterprise of royalty is?  Why do we continue to celebrate it in any form?


We were supposed to accept that God set up a world where every man was supposed to take his own wife and build his own life, yet some asshole could be anointed “king” and then stock up on wives like prized cattle- keeping hundreds and hundreds to himself.  A fair question is where are the women for the other poor saps born into that kingdom?  What are they supposed to do to get the wife that God said He wants them to have?  The king owns the 800 best options in that tribe- and he’ll take yours too if he happens to decide he wants her- so now you’ve got an angry sausage party going on with a deep shortage of women.  Of course all hell is going to break loose.  Is this what God had in mind?  I don’t think so.  The God who made this orderly and majestic world could not possibly fuck up that bad so it had to be our doing and ours alone.  The concept of a king is every bit as repugnant as the concept of a slave- and the two go hand in filthy, depraved, blood-stained hand.


On the most basic level imaginable, the very existence of a “king” creates a dangerous imbalance in human relations.  The reason is that when humankind adopted the concept of kings, we created a false social reality and a phony political institution based upon our own reflexes to be led and controlled by a power beyond ourselves- one that we deem greater than we are.  That is why in ancient times kings were supposed to have a mystical connection to God that made them a deity as much as a man.


And of course, it was all man-made bullshit that almost never worked out for the greater good by any natural order detectable by rational man- which is the only rationale I am interested in when it comes to questions of governance.

Since I went all Old Testament up in here it is obvious that mankind has had this problem for thousands and thousands of years.  We have invented ‘kings’ that we can serve and worship so that we don’t have to be entirely responsible for our own lives and our own realities.  And it is evident that our worst reflexes have endured over the centuries and have risen up to take down the greatest nation that has ever existed in recorded human history.

Ironically, what makes America the greatest nation that has ever existed in recorded human history is the fact that it was founded on principles and ideas for its citizens to uphold and aspire to and not on royal blood lineage, ancestral geographical connection, or on the basis of any religious entitlement.  As a matter of our national character, we don’t do kings here.   But somebody forgot to teach that to Donald Trump.  Trump thinks that he is ruling the country rather than leading the government.  That is why his sons and his son-in-law are all over the place, lustily grabbing up every piece of leverage, advantage and treasure with the impunity of a plantation slave-master running through the slave quarters after dark.


Ideas are the foundation of our Constitution which remains the most miraculous political document anywhere on earth.  There was a lot wrong with the men that drafted that document but don’t fool yourself, those men were geniuses of political science and philosophy.  Because of their genius we always have the framework to navigate our way through the worst crises we could ever face and still maintain our national identity.  We don’t need revolutions in America because we have the Constitution.  We can hold elected officials accountable and sack them if they fail to uphold our standards of conduct and performance- who they were born to doesn’t mean a damned thing in America.

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump thinks he is a king and that his children are royalty by virtue of his election to the presidency.  He has been wealthy and privileged his entire life but the power he wields now is beyond even  his vivid and expansive imagination.  He lacks the core character to handle his power with anything resembling sobriety or civility so we are seeing the very worst character in modern times operating from our highest office.  He lies with impunity because- like a monarch- he can do so without consequence.  He has the power to manufacture a reality all his own and enforce adherence to it.  And he would like nothing more than to see one of his three sons take over the throne one day.  He admires the Bush Brand more than he’d ever let on and he would absolutely love to Trump it.


But if we are the nation I think we still are, the nation we were designed to be, that won’t happen.  Despite our flirtation with the fabrication of political family dynasties in the past, we are not going that route.  The Trumps have proven themselves to be a family of poor character- unfit to lead anything that they can’t slap their name on for a fee.  Well the people’s house may have put the wrong tenants in this time around but the house is not for sale- neither is the Constitution.  And so far, our national soul can still be saved- so long as we don’t start serving and worshiping kings.

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