EMASCULATING MEN STOPS NOW (Contains Adult Language)

We need to clear up some issues surrounding gender politics here and now.  The America political house is engulfed in a blazing fire right now and there are just some fights that we don’t have time to engage in anymore.  So as a matter of public service, The Progressive Pugilist is going to address all issues, resolve all disputes, clear up all misunderstandings and ultimately solve all problems that exist in the PUBLIC realm of male-female relations here and now.  Yes, in the spirit of yesterday’s “Go Big Or Go Home” op-ed piece I am feeling ridiculously ambitious in the moment so buckle up.


Understand this core point up front:  a man of progressive consciousness understands above all things that no person should be marginalized in their efforts to self-actualize.  Besides the obvious fact that it is immoral and un-Godly to interfere with the growth and development of another person, a truly progressive man is painfully aware that society as a whole suffers when we fail to allow or fail to promote human development at its highest levels from every direction.  To wit: a bona fide progressive man would never attempt to restrict a woman’s professional growth or impede her path in any way.  Beyond her personal benefit, we ALL lose if she cannot become the best she can be.  Frankly, this is why women who really have a lot to offer should never bring anything but a truly progressive man into her intimate space, but we’ll walk that path another day.  (Hint: Find me the famous progressive politician who has bragged about grabbing women by the p*ssy)


With all of that being established, hear this ladies and hear this good:  This progressive man is a MAN FIRST.  And he sees you as a WOMAN FIRST.  I doubt very seriously that I am alone in this sentiment although many like-minded men may not bother to say it aloud because they aren’t bloggers and don’t feel like having an argument with their lady that lasts for three days- during which time he’ll be humping his fist like he’s back in 9th grade.  Nobody has time for that kind of an engagement so mostly we just chill out and let you proceed blindly down this misguided path that media outlets and protest movements have pushed on us since the 70’s.  But that bullsh*t stops now.

Women have been sold the bill of goods that if you are acknowledged as a woman in any way in your workplace, then you are being marginalized, objectified, minimized, manipulated or somehow oppressed.  And that is complete and utter bullsh*t.  In the public square- including the workplace- a man needs to be a man and act like a man and a part of that self-identity derives from how he treats the women in his company.  So if your father raised you to be a man that has a healthy blend of class and testosterone, you open the f*cking door and let a woman pass through first if you approach it in near proximity to her.  End of story.  You look like an untrained a**hole if you don’t.  You may as well walk around with your pants undone or your shoes untied.


If you are in the kitchen and a woman in your office is approaching the coffee pot at the same time, you politely stand down and invite her to go first.  Why?  Because you are a man.  And my pops told me that if you don’t do it like that, your d*ck won’t work right.  So rather than take the risk that he was right, I just governed myself accordingly.  It’s been over three decades and a half since he hit me with that one and I like how things have gone so far. I ain’t changing now because Gloria Steinem says so.  She ain’t my momma- and if she comes to the door and I’m nearby, I’ll open it for her ass too. She can curse me out, call me a caveman and sue me if she wants to but at least I know my d*ck is still gonna work when I need it to.


Seriously, ladies, If that makes me the bad guy, then I’m afraid that you are really up the creek.  Because absolutely nothing in any scenario I set forth above divests a professional woman of her opportunities or her functional utility in that workplace.  She may be two management levels ahead of me and make twice as much as me but as long as she is a woman and I am a man, she will get that brand of respect in our engagements.  She and I both have to be intelligent, insightful and sane enough to know where gentlemanly politeness is and where inappropriate sexist behavior is.


And frankly, it isn’t that hard to tell the difference unless you are dealing with a crazy person.  In that case, you really don’t have a problem because crazy gets fired easily.

As hard as women work to look good when they come to the office you can’t possibly take offense at every compliment on that killer dress or those bad-ass shoes you wore that day.  That’s why you wore it.  It is all about how it is done.  If a man is too dumb to know how to communicate with the women around him without being offensive, then you get rid of his ass- not for sexual harrassment or sexism, but for being a dumb-ass.  He lacks the emotional intelligence and social dexterity to see that if a woman dresses like Whoopie Goldberg, you need to take her cue that traditional male-female engagements will run aground.  And he needs to see that the woman who dresses like Marilyn Monroe or Jackie-O only wants to hear about it so many times before it becomes a real problem.


So the simple point is this, ladies.  I’m gonna be a man- all day, every day, wherever I am.  And if you happen to be where I am, I hope my gentlemanly manner does not offend you but I’m just not going to let you change what I am to accommodate your politics.  Your politics may change and shift around over the years but I’m going to be a man until the day God takes me back.  So I’m not going to let you define me- I may love you like family but only I get to do that.

But if I open the door for you and you don’t like it, just be cool about it and let me know.  I’ll back off and leave you alone out of respect for your wishes- but I will leave thinking that you need to max out and consider what a terrible place the world would be if a man can’t just be nice to a woman in an innocuous, generous and professional manner without winding up testifying in Federal Court.  Trust me ladies, we’ve got much bigger fish to fry.  And since I’m truly a progressive man, I’ll fry the damned fish while you just chill out and have a drink.  I suspect that you might need one.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow π



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