The G.O.P. is D.O.A. – Officially

Listening to Donald Trump make excuses every time he opens his mouth and his Mini-Me Press Secretary of the moment- whether its Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, or Sarah Huckabee-Sanders-  just whine and bitch about the White House Press Corp every day makes me nauseas.  Make no mistake about it:  what we are witnessing in American politics and governance right now is the tragic and violent death of accountability.


The Grand Ole Party is now the party ushering in the official Death Of Accountability in our country.  In short, on any meaningful issue of character, the G.O.P. is also D.O.A.- dead on arrival.  Just like vision, values invariably emanates from leadership and it is painfully clear that being accountable for ones actions and decisions is not a value for President Trump or any of his inner-circle.  Listen to his mouth run for a few days and it becomes abundantly clear that everything that ever goes wrong is somebody else’s fault or is a made up media conspiracy.

That is an unacceptable character trait for a 17 year old who is captain of his debate team so it is a Defcon 4 level global crisis for a 70 year old who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.  And for all of those good Christian Evangelicals that voted for Trump, keep in mind that this guy was unable to answer a simple question as to whether he ever needed to ask GOD for forgiveness.  Now if you can’t be accountable to the creator of the universe, why in the hell would you care about being accountable to those poor, white dopes in the rust belt that trusted in your campaign rhetoric?  So they are getting from him exactly what any reasonable observer would expect: absolutely nothing.


Beyond the fact that he is deeply embarrassing for our country, Trump’s lack of accountability is also a serious threat to our capability to function.  It was a harrowing sight when this man actually took to the podium one evening as it became clear that his ill-conceived “repeal and replace Obamacare” effort was about to crash and burn and said “I mean, WHO KNEW healthcare was gonna be THIS hard?”  Donald, EVERYBODY KNEW!  Except for you, evidently.  This clown acted as if somebody dropped a last minute surprise on him that threw a monkey wrench into his well-crafted program.

Mind you, this is the same guy who tosses phrases around like “we’re gonna bomb the hell out of them” and “we’re gonna build a wall”  and “Muslim ban” when discussing foreign policy.  And when he is called to account for his erratic and irrational commentary, he and his staff of sycophants blame the media for NOT understanding when to believe his words or to disregard them.  Anytime a man in leadership won’t stand behind his own words, calamity is certain to follow.  Is there anything more foundational for a man to be held accountable for than the words he speaks?  Apparently there is for Conservatives.  And that character cornerstone is saying hateful and hurtful things about Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and anybody else that Red State America wishes they could chain together and throw off the Grand Canyon cliff.  Since Trump does that with great style and finesse, they really don’t care what else he says or does.


And that is the absolute worst part of Trump’s own refusal to be accountable for anything he says or does- the slavish acquiescence of the rest of G.O.P. nation.  They should be in full on revolt right now, running down Pennsylvania Avenue in mobs with torches and pitchforks over the betrayal of the principles they profess to live and govern by and the country they claim to love.  The guy they elected spends half of every day spooning with Vladimir Putin for God’s sake.  How in the hell is THAT ok with Republicans now?!  But no real objections are being raised as they flat out refuse to hold Trump accountable in any meaningful way for his Bromance with the greatest enemy of the state that America has.  Through the campaign of 2016, we have watched G.O.P. leadership neutered and tamed in front of the whole world while they attempt to normalize their astonishing cowardice by normalizing Trump.

If there are any real men left in the G.O.P. let yourself be known by taking a bat to that thing sitting on top of Trump’s head and reclaiming your dignity.  Otherwise, the nation could be D.O.A. right along with your once proud political party.  And it will be all on you- because you stood by and let this guy turn you into as big a wuss as he is.  Now THIS picture is truly worth a thousand words:


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