CONSEQUENCE FREE SPEECH (Where In The Hell Was Donald Trump’s Momma?)

We need to be careful right now.  We are in serious trouble.  If we don’t get real with ourselves and (pardon me, ladies) man up, we are going to morph into a caricature of the people we say we are as opposed to really being the people that we say we are.  We are supposed to be purveyors and protectors of free speech in all of its forms- but not CONSEQUENCE FREE speech in ANY of its forms.  And right now, at the very top of our national governance, we are becoming promoters of consequence free speech and that is where character and accountability will fall from our cultural paradigm and the damage will be immeasurable.  If that happens, we are done.  And it is clear to all those with vision that President Trump is the full embodiment of the threat to our national character.

Whether we like it or not, whether we voted for him or not, the person who serves as our president is our representative on the world stage.  And this week our president lied on the Boy Scouts of America.  He lied on the president of our neighboring nation to the south.  Open lies.  Undeniable lies.  Easily disproven lies.  And there have been absolutely no repercussions of these lies.  No consequences whatsoever.  The White House Press Secretary actually said from her official perch in front of the entire world when questioned about phone calls from the Boy Scouts and the Mexican President when it was proven that he had not received them “I wouldn’t call them “Lies.”  That’s so harsh…


And that is where we are as a nation.  We are the nation that is supposed to be the leader of the free world and we have a leader that is asking us to redefine what a lie is.  Can we fall any further than this as a culture?  That was the first lesson that most of us learned as little kids and some mothers teach that lesson with everything from a switch (which should be used to torture terrorists as far as I’m concerned) to a bar of soap, to an extended visit to the time-out chair or the prayer closet.  Whatever a mother’s preferred means of punitive discipline was, being caught telling a cat-faced lie was a sure way to get it.  Except of course for Mary Ann McCleod Trump and her little boy Donald J. Trump.

It is twisted social tradition in America that when a child f*cks up- especially in a public and embarrassing manner- that people ask with incredulous condemnation “where in the hell was his/her mother?”  Despite the fact that I have recently come to realize that this traditional judgmental finger-wagging is sexist and mysoginistic I am going to employ it one last time before I retire it.  Besides, everybody already knows that Fred Trump was the racist, thieving, scheisty, under-handed sack of sh*t who Donald grew up worshipping, so we don’t have to ask where he was.  But where in the hell was Mary Ann when Donald started all this non-stop lying.  Surely, we are not to believe that this in new behavior.  The guy is 70 years old and has been a public figure since his 30’s- and he was a lying mother f*cker back then.  The record is clear and undeniable.

He lied non-stop in his business dealings and personal dealings, even bragging about it in that stupid ass book he had written about himself “The Art of The Deal.”


I can save anybody interested in buying that toilet paper passing for a business book the money and the time  in thirty seconds flat: Know what the REAL art of deal-making is?  Be born to a rich father who can just hand you millions of dollars to start a business and then convince people that you know what the f*ck you are doing. There, I just saved you $19.99 and the suspense of waiting for Donald to get the the point. You’re welcome.

But back to ol’ Mary Ann Trump.  Did she outsource little Donald’s rearing to the point that she didn’t know he was a pathological liar?  Or did she enable him along the way- attempting to placating him by pretending to believe his lies to soothe him widdle feelings because Daddy Fred wouldn’t spend any time with little Donald?  Of course, I don’t know and neither does anybody else who wasn’t there.  But what I do know is that a man that lies like Donald Trump has been lying for so long that he truly doesn’t know the difference.  And now it looks like people who have been elected to know, don’t know either

And that was his world and his problem- until November 8, 2016.  On that day it became all of our problem.  Because on that day we decided that a man could say anything that came to his mind in any moment and never be held to account.  If it felt good in the moment to him, he could say it and then just back-track or retract the next day.  Or specifically in Donald’s case, have someone else do it for him.  That is the equivalent of a man masturbating in public every time he saw a woman that turned him on and then watching other people clean up the mess he left.  Yes, that is gross and disgusting, but so is Donald J. Trump.

If there are any men left in GOP world, please stand up and lead the coup to unseat this fool.  Sound the alarm so we can all buckle up and assume crash positions.  We have to come in for an emergency landing and get this a**hole out of the cock-pit before we all go down in flames.  Its going to be  bumpy ride for a minute and a hard landing but we’ll survive.   I can’t do it because I am a progressive so nobody over there can even hear my warnings because Rush Limbaugh told them that I want to take their guns away and rape their wives and even their dogs because I voted for Barack Obama.  And they are so sick with the fever of partisan rancor that they really believe that hysterical foolishness.  That aside, I’m asking for somebody over there- anybody with the nuts and guts to fight for your country- to restore accountability to our political and cultural paradigm and bring real life consequences to Donald Trump for the first time in his life.  Mary Ann failed her son for sure and by extension the country she migrated to as a young woman.  But we’ll charge it to her head and not her heart and hope she rests in peace.  Now is the time for the rest of us to fix it.

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  1. She probably could not do anything with him because he was probably of the persuasion that he knew more than she did at two…and she believed him. Or there was someone in his ear at 5 telling him why he could do whatever he wanted to do…kids rights!


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