I am going to warn you up front:  The Progressive Pugilist does not pander, placate or patronize readers. So the title of this program is not a set up for some bullsh*t arguments about equality or a discussion packed with platitudes about women being smarter than men so they should be running the world.  If there were any proof of the fact that intellectual capacity was linked to genitalia or “x” chromosomes we would have found that out long before now.  We will leave that for stand up comedians and cheesy guys at happy hour trying to get laid.

This is a real discussion about why we don’t need another man running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the balance of my lifetime at least- and maybe longer.  I’m 46, so statistically speaking, I’ve got about 5 to 8 presidencies left before I shuffle off this mortal coil.  And if I kick on schedule, the official gender count of presidents could be 45 men to, say 7 women.  That is still a long way to go but its a far sight better than 53 men to zero women.


Here is the reason why we need to go estrogen or go home:  The objective assessment at hand strongly favors the argument that the best candidates to win election and lead our government right now, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, are women. And it also happens to be a time when we cannot afford to do anything but put our best foot forward- by every objective measure.  And the subjective assessment and mathematical probabilities indicate that the best candidates are likely to be women for the foreseeable future as well.

Follow me now:  We all know that sexism is real, it shows up everywhere and it is always a corrosive element breaking down our machinery.  Our churches, enterprises, and governance all under-perform greatly because of it.  So as we speak, in one way or another, it is screwing up our governance- the place we can fix it the quickest.  And it will continue to do so until we minimize it, mitigate it and finally eliminate it.  That process cannot have full affect until we have a woman elected to the highest office.  So for the good of the system itself, we have to make sure that we kill off sexism and it’s sprawling affects.  It is in the way- and we probably won’t really see just how much it has impeded us until we actually get a woman in our highest office and watch the entire power structure adjust to the new reality.


Electing the first woman will function quite differently on sexism than electing the first black man to the high office functioned on racism- black folks are still in the minority and will always be in the minority.  Women on the other hand are actually the majority of the voting public.  By devine providence that will always be a slim margin but it is a durable margin nonetheless.  And if women just got used to the idea of being in power at that level, the built in disadvantage would catch on fire and collapse.  There would be very little in the remains to rebuild the mythology of gender inferiority.

This is an especially sweet reality considering who she would be following as president.  If we do what we are supposed to do and follow Trump with our first woman president, it is an absolute guarantee that she will be a vast improvement over him.  Hell, if we elected my mother as the president to follow Trump it would be a tremendous improvement and Mom died three years ago.  That is what kind of hot-garbage presidency a woman will follow.  She is literally in a no lose situation and we can bury one of our biggest “isms” that has been crippling us from our earliest days when half the time we left our best player on the bench for no good goddamned reason.


That, my friends is life’s little game and the upshot of my argument.  So often we have everything that we need to solve every problem that we have- but we get in our own way by being blind to the resources within our immediate grasp or misusing them even if we do recognize them.  And that includes human capital resources.  We have been determined to only have men serve in the office of the Chief Executive of our nation.  I’ll spare you the extended monologue and just point out that we have been stupid to do so.

Any intelligent person HAS to know that statistically speaking at least half the time there has been a better option available to hold that office that we did not even consider because that candidate could not pee standing upright.  The election cycle of 2016 just made the stench of this sour reality more rancid because one of our major parties actually did take the plunge and nominate a woman but we all know how that turned out.

So yes, it is true that as a consciencious citizen and patriotic American I have a score to settle.  And yes, I am into social egalitarianism and am looking forward to the era when the marginalization of women in both public and private spaces is a relic of the past.  That is a part of my genome as a bona fide progressive.  But this is about a winning strategy for both campaigning and governance.  It is evident that right now our best players are women and if we play the long-term odds like any seasoned gambler will tell you, it is far more likely than not that a woman is going to be our best bet to run the show from the top for a good while.  At least until I’m watching American politics unfold from the great bye and bye.  Assuming of course they let me or any of the rest of us in after squandering our opportunities and blessings for so long.

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