It has finally happened and we all saw it coming.  Word on the street is North Korea is now nuclear armed and has reminded the world that the work of president-ing is actually very serious business.  It is not about the perpetual campaign rallies.  It is not about tweeting, media feuds or tough-guy posturing.  Or maybe it is.  Because the man we put in charge of our government has demonstrated no problem solving skills beyond those three cartoonish responses.

And despite any reflexes toward skepticism that we may have because of our psychological scars from the Iraq War and the Afghanistan quagmire, there is justifiable cause to pause.  Because if these reports turn out to be true- or even partially true- the world is about to change in a major way and it is not positive change.  The military industrial complex is fully engorged right now and is ready to plunge into this fresh conflict.

Yes, we are well aware that Trump loves a good distraction almost as much as he loves the prospect of getting into a big international conflict to flex his non-existent muscles. And yes, we are well aware that North Korea is always talking smack and has never had the sand to backed it up.  But the a**hole they have in charge is just as unhinged and deeply insecure as the a**hole that we have in charge.  They are both classic chicken-hawks:  great big alligator mouths and humming-bird asses.


Neither of these guys has ever had the nuts or guts to fight in a war themselves but they are both foaming at the mouth to send others into one to satisfy their own blood-lust.  These guys are fake patriots- believing that the nation’s they lead exist to serve them rather than the other way around.  Evidence of this pathology abounds.

Both of these guys have nuclear bunkers that will protect them and their selected friends and loved ones so let’s be clear about the fact that they are in no personal danger whatsoever.   And don’t fool yourself into thinking that either of these guys gives a fat rat’s ass about anybody beyond their immediate circle.  We are all the ultimate collateral damage in their pathological pissing contest.  While we are facing the potential of nuclear war or germ warfare that could obliterate the landscape as we know it, their fat asses will still be gorging themselves on the fat of the nations they raped, pilaged and murdered.


Our only chance is to marshal the full power of our political machinery and chain this fool up before he gets us all killed.  We may not be able to wait until the next election.  It may be too late by then.  We have a ton of options to exercise to further weaken and cripple this president until we can vote him out.  His corruption is as evident as his spray tan and comb-over so all that is left is for Congress to select its targets and fire away- and let’s hope they do it before North Korea does.

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