Some polling outfit called the American Research Group conducted a poll recently of likely GOP New Hampshire voters and found that Ohio Governor John Kasich is leading President Trump by double digits in a hypothetical one on one match-up.  And cable news outlets were all aflutter all day until our unhinged Commander In Tweet decided to address the news that North Korea had obtained the capacity to launch a nuclear strike on the U.S. by talking like Nature Boy Rick Flair threatening Macho Man Randy Savage in the early days of the WWE.


Count this as one time that I was truly thankful that Donald stole the news cycle by acting a goddamned fool.

I have a simple message for our dear friends at the aforementioned cable news outlets:  With all due respect, SHUT THE F**K UP!  To say that it is too early to be reporting on primary polling for 2020 is like saying it is too early for my 9 year old daughter to start studying for the Bar Exam.  This is perfectly ridiculous.  Who gives a damn what this pollster put out in a vain and desperate attempt to gain some credibility and attention after years of being trashed by all of the major pollsters for its “magic 8 ball” style polling methodologies.


And even if ARG were a reputable polling firm, why in the hell would such a poll matter now?  If we take a look back at the polls from all the big firms leading up to the election, almost none of them predicted a Trump win until right up until the very end when just about everybody worked their numbers into the “margin of error” range.  I understand polling is not easy but the uniformity of the errant predictions coupled with the breathless reporting on every new poll that came out is what gave Trump his “Fake News” never-ending story.

Because of polls coming out that appeared to be as much about driving public opinion as reflecting public opinion and the sloppy misinterpretation of those polls by pundits up and down the dial, a large portion of the American electorate believes that “Fake News” is a real thing on mainstream television yet will spread the latest headlines from The National Enquirer like its the gospel truth.  Thank you, Reuter’s, Gallup and Quinnapiac.  You have helped to complete the dumbing down of American voters that began when many school districts took Civics out of the high school curriculum back in the mid 1980’s.  Our national bone-headedness shows up in many places but few can capture it as starkly as political polls.  Example:  A Fox News poll once showed that a majority of Republicans said that Barack Obama was more to blame for the botched Federal response to Hurricane Katrina.  I bullsh*t you not.


I hope that my friends at CNN and MSNBC can forgive my outburst.  (I only have one friend at Fox and that is Shep Smith-  Shep in the house!)  But I just cannot take this bullsh*t for the next THREE YEARS!  If you start getting all lathered up over what some jackass pollsters come out with now, they are going to ramp it up to keep your attention.  Then you will report on it to get OUR attention.  And around and around we’ll go until we get to the end and find out for the second general election in a row that the polls don’t mean a damned thing anymore.  The technology has changed the way people respond as access for people to be heard on platforms of their own choosing rather than spending time on the phone with a pollster.  That narrow slice of the electorate could easily miss the mark on what the nation as a whole is thinking.

But I know you guys have to work and sell these polls because you have to eat just like the rest of us.  Just so you know that I am on to you and I doubt very seriously that I am alone.  You are little more than entertainment right now and cannot possibly be taken seriously.  So please, pretty please, with sugar on top, just STFU at least until the primary field is set.  One thing I can assure you:  There will be no Trump-Kasich one on one match up in the New Hampshire primary.  So stop distracting the nation and wasting our precious time polling on silliness like this because- and God help me for saying this- Trump is right this time:  It is fake news.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow π

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