Quickie & Coffee – The “My Everything” Complex

I think we should be cautious of relationships that carry the energy of “He/She is my everything.”  It is nice to be loved, wanted and appreciated but is it a good thing if somebody feels you are “everything” to them?  That is a lot of pressure and an impossible standard to live up to.  Every mistake you make will be magnified tenfold because of your status.  But even more than that, if somebody says you are their everything, there is probably a transactional component to the relationship that is more burden than benefit.  To wit:

Be careful not to let anyone do everything FOR you, because they may expect that they can do everything TO you.  

And if that happens, having the title of “my everything” bestowed on you will feel alot more like an albatross than an award.  And the bottom line is you may be the absolute bomb but you are not worth being another person’s everything- because nobody is. Unless you are Beyonce’ you really don’t have to be Crazy In Love.  Just be in love.


So build a relationship with a bond based on love and love only- not on the pressure of meeting an impossible standard for somebody.  Good luck my friends.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow π

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