Night Cap with Dana Lena: Rock Your Naked

I was getting dressed yesterday dreading having to put on clothes.  If our society allowed and could handle naked women walking around, I would be one of them for sure. I hate cold weather because it requires that I put on MORE clothes and I hate clothes and layering makes my skin itch. Stay with me here, I am not an exhibitionist (well at least I do not think I am), I do not like being covered or masked really is what is at the core of this.

I get a headache when I am flipping through magazines because all I see is ad after ad declaring to women that we are not good enough. Wake up with this creme, go to bed in this mask, wear this eye lash, get this surgery, snip this, tuck that, bend over and bow to an image of who WE want you to be. Hate who you are.

That just doesn’t work for me and I hope you will not allow it to work for you. Strip down to who you are in your barest, most naked state and start loving yourself there.


When is the last time you touched your own skin or smelled your own scent? When is the last time you rubbed your own neck or your throbbing hands? Your body is your temple. It is more than your man’s pleasure (it is very much that) but it has to be your temple first. Before you can offer it to him and he be satisfied, you have to first be satisfied with it. How do you expect to please him with breasts that you do not like? Why would you expect him to respond to a naked body that you don’t respond to?  Why in the hell would he want to grab an ass you are always complaining about? The work is not in cosmetic surgery. The work is in your heart and soul because as soon as one thing is snipped, another thing needs to be snipped. That is a mind screw on another level. Don’t bend over for that.

Being fully formed and developed takes work. It just doesn’t happen. If your not there and want to get there, lets do it. Let’s do the work so we can be all that we can be and rock our naked.  I do not want to be the only chic in the room without any clothes on.


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